Welcome to the March and April Workshops for the C.D.C. on Technology and 21st Century Skills

What are 21st century skills?

A. Did You Know 3.0
-View as a large group and discussion
-The four C's of 21st Century Skills
B. What does it mean to your grade level?


A. Answer the question below that corresponds to the grade level you teach.

FREE Google resources

Google Earth (Google Maps), not to mention Google sky

*Click links to download Google Earth

Google Docs

- Your survey
- blog link: Collaboration and Testing


-Prerecorded skype session--Beachwood to NY and Beachwood to Chardon
-Find Skype Teachers/classrooms
-Local Community members

From here on you will have time to interact with each topic after a short presentation by us.


-Advanced searching--google, example for PowerPoints, scholarly work, books, blogs
-Google Squared

Must Sees in Technology

A. Info 6-8 Resources:
B. Webquests (example 1) (example 2)(example 3)
C. Delicious 57 History links in my account...over 400 total links.

Blogging -several examples of ways to use this in education. These can be private for use only by your students. They can also be public for anyone to read. The choice is yours.

-Teachers For Tomorrow
-3rd Grade

Wiki-couple examples of ways to use this in class

4th grade example
1st grade example
8th grade example
Beachwood and Chardon online textbook
*Wikis also will allow you to upload podcasts, imovies, glogster and voicethread (See 3rd Grade Example) files.


Please take a moment to complete this short, online survey of the presentation. The only way Garth and I can improve is through critical reflection guided by your comments. Thank you for taking time out of your day to come to this workshop. We hope that you found it useful and inspiring.

Ideas on How to implement some of the technologies we discussed:

Ways to use Skype in the classroom

Ways to use Google software in the classroom

Ways to use Search Engines, Wikis and Blogs in the classroom

A vision of the 21st Century Learner

A vision of the 21st Century Educator

Sir Ken Robinson says schools kill creativity

Did You Know 4.0 (Shift Happens), by Karl Fisch